HP Police Sub-Inspector solved question Paper-2018

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Himachal Pradesh Police Sub Inspector

HPSSSB has conducted a Himachal Pradesh Police Sub-Inspector “Post Code-584 Question Paper with Answer Key. Written Examination was conducted on 20th May 2018 at various examination centers in Himachal Pradesh. previous year question paper will be very useful for upcoming state exams.

Exam Date: 20/may/2018
Total number of questions: 170
Total Marks: 85 (half marks for each question)
Paper Language: English
Total Time: 2 Hours

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1. Harappan weapons were made of?
(A) Bronze
(B) Stone
(C) Copper
(D) All of the above

2. The famous grammarian Panini hailed from which of the following Mahajanpads?
(A) Gandhara
(B) Kamboja
(C) Vatsa
(D) Avanti

3. The concept of anuvrata was advocated by
(A) Mahayana Buddhism
(B) Hinayana Buddhism
(C) Jainism
(D) None of these

4. Which rock edict of Ashoka provides a description of the horrors of Kallinga war?
(A) 10th rock Edict
(B) 13th Rock Edict
(C) The Edict at Dhauli
(D) The Edict at Jaugada

5. Who among the following took the title of Vikramaditya?
(A) Chandragupta-I
(B) Chandragupta-II
(C) Samudragupta
(D) Skandagupta

6. Who among the following is credited with the invention of Algebra?
(A) Aryabhatta
(B) Bhaskara
(C) Apastamba
(D) None of these

7. In early Medieval India, what did the term Jital refers to?
(A) Weight
(B) Diet
(C) Coin
(D) Game

8. Which of the following Chalukyan city is known as the city of temples?
(A) Pattadakal
(B) Badami
(C) Aihole
(D) Kanheri

9. Malik Kafur was whose general?
(A) Balban
(B) Firoz Shah Tughlaq
(C) Iltumish
(D) None of these

10. Which of the following musical instruments was not composite or Indo Islamic in origin?
(A) Sitar
(B) Table
(C) Sarangi
(D) Shehnai

11. Bhakta Tukaram was a contemporary of the Mughal Emperor?
(A) Aurangzeb
(B) Shahjahan
(C) Babar
(D) Jahagir

12. Kumarsambhava, an epic poem, was composed by
(A) Kalidasa
(B) Harisen
(C) Chand Bardai
(D) Banabhatta

13. Who was the successor of Shivaji?
(A) Ramaraja
(B) Saha II
(C) Sambhaji
(D) None of these

14. Which one of the following was the first fort constructed by the British in India?
(A) Fort William
(B) Fort St. George
(C) Fort David
(D) Fort St. Angelo

15. Who was the first Governor-General of India?
(A) William Bentick
(B) Robert Clive
(C) Warren Hastings
(D) Lord Canning

16. The last major of British Indian territory took place during the time of
(A) Lord Dufferin
(B) Lord Curzon
(C) Lord Lytton
(D) Lord Dalhousie

17. Where was the Theosophical society founded in 1875?
(B) UK
(D) India

18. Diarchy was first introduced in India under
(A) Morley- Minto Reforms
(B) Montford Reforms
(C) Simon Commission Plan
(D) The government of India Act,1935

19. Who was the founder of the Indian Association?
(A) Dadabhai Nairoji
(B) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
(C) A.O.Hume
(D) S. N. Banerjee

20. Who among the following first used the word Swarajya?
(A) Raja Rammohan Roy
(B) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
(C) Mahatma Gandhi
(D) Swami Vivekananda

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