Allahabad High Court ARO Solved Paper: Feb 2019

Allahabad High Court ARO Solved Paper Feb 2019

81. The Kyoto Protocol is related to
(A) Trade
(B) Climate change
(C) Security
(D) Extradition

82. Which legendary comic writer who create famous characters like Spiderman, Hullk etc passed away recently at the age of 96 ?
(A) Disney
(B) Pris Prolong
(C) Matt Groening
(D) Stan Lee

83. In which of the following cities of Turkey, was a big airport inaugurated recently in 2018?
(A) Istanbul
(B) Ankara
(C) Diyarbakir
(D) Antalya

84. The 12th ASEAN Defonce Ministers’ Moot was held at- in October 2018.
(A) Jakarta
(B) Kuala Lumpur
(C) Singapore
(D) Bangkok

85. Which of the following is not a European Union(EU) country?
(A) Austria
(B) Turkey
(C) Belgium
(D) Finland

86. In December 2018, which country has recently banned Indian currency notes above 100 rupees denomination?
(A) Malaysia
(C) Myanmar
(D) Nepal

87. Who was sworn as the Chief Minister of Rajasthan in the December, 2018 Vidhan Sabha elections?
(A) Kamal Nath
(B) K. Chandrasekhar Rao
(C) Bhupesh Baghel
(D) Ashok Gehlot

88. Out of the following cricketers, who wrote his titled “281 and autobiography recently Beyond”?
(A) Yuvraj Singh
(B) V.V.S. Laxman
(C) Sachin Tendulkar
(D) Harbhajan Singh

89. Who was appointed as the Chairman of UPSC in November, 2018?
(A) Arvind Saxena
(B) Sunil Arora
(C) A.M. Naik
(D) M.P. Poonia

90. Mary Kom scripted history by clinching a record ______ World Championship Boxing Gold medal in the light flyweight 48 kg category.
(A) fourth
(B) fifth
(C) sixth
(D) seventh

91. Which movie won the Golden Peacock Award in the International Film Festival of India held in November 2018?
(A) Donbass
(B) Ee Ma Yau
(C) When the Trees Fall
(D) Aga

92. Which is the first State to launch Pan India single emergency number “112”, in November 2018?
(A) Himachal Pradesh
(B) Kerala
(C) Telangana
(D) Sikkim

93. Aahana was born on 18th of April, 1971, which was a Sunday. What shall be the day whe she becomes exactly 10 years old?
(A) Thursday
(B) Saturday
(C) Sunday
(D) Monday

94. In a code language BIGGEST is written as BGGST; KINGSTON is written as KNGSTN. TRICKS is written as TRCKS. How would CRYPTS be written in the same language ?

95. In a code language CONTROLLING is written as GNILLORTNOC; VOLLEYBALLS is written as SLLABYELLOV. How would SANCTUARIES be written in the same language?

96. In a code language GODSENT is written as FNCRDMS; JOKING is written as INJHMF. How would BRAZENLY be written in the same language ?

97. Ranjeeta is walking along the seaside on a clear bright sunny morning. If her shadow is falling towards her right hand side, her back is facing which of the given directions?
(A) East
(B) South
(C) West
(D) North

98. Three of the following four numericals are alike in a certain way and so form a Which is the one that does not belong to that group ?
(A) 1
(B) 2197
(C) 125000
(D) 681400

99. In a code language BEASTLY is written as 84: GIVEAWAY is written as 93. How would XEREXES be written in the same language ?
(A) 103
(B) 99
(C) 100
(D) 101

100. Instructions : Given below is a situation, followed by four choices, namely, A, B, C, D. You need to choose your response to the given situation by marking any one of the four responses. Shailendra is on his way to Delhi from Mathura by train. On the way he sees a camel being mistreated by its handler. What should Shailendra do ?
(A) Continue with his journey and hope that the ill treatment of the camel shall be stopped.
(B) Pull the chain, stop the train, get down and hand over the handler to the nearby Police station.
(C) Take out a procession after reaching Delhi against the way animals get treated in India.
(D) Call up the help line for the organisation that deals with such mistreatment against animals, tell them the location and facts of the matter from his mobile phone with a resolve that he shall be ready to help in the matter once he completes his journey.

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